One of our latest investments is the establishment of our EMS Offshore/Subsea Centre. The goal is to provide the necessary services related to industrialization, manufacturing, testing, servicing, maintenance and repairs to customers in this demanding segment.


Our expert team approches each onshore and offshore projects with precision and strong focus on quality and cost control.

Hapro provides different services within electronic and mechatronic assembly, and also has a variety of specialized equipment to meet customers' various needs in areas including pressure testing, traceability, cleaning, coating and more.


Hapro is a member of Subsea Valley [url]. Subsea Valley kan be described as a resource center in the development, engineering and production of subsea solutions. a leading technology enterprise, where system solutions, products and services where the subsea development sets its standard worldwide. With 73 percent of the world market, this cluster is in the driver's seat. 

Hapro is also a member of the cluster Subsea Eastnet, which is a cluster of  enterprises in the hinterland working in development and production of technical solustions for subsea systems and tools. These are companies connected to TotAL-gruppen and NCE Raufoss, [url].